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Mercredi 14 février 2024
Villa Le Cercle - Deauville


How to build
80 years of Cyber Peace?

With the support of

U.S. Embassy in France
Speaker Deauvlle

2024 will be full of emotions since it will mark the 80th anniversary of DDAY and the Battle of Normandy. International commemorations in the presence of heads of states, giant fireworks, concerts, parachute drops, balls...


Every year around June 6th, this anniversary gives rise to numerous events. If the major international ceremonies take place every 5 years, festivities and celebrations take place every year.


An opportunity to remember the 240 years of Franco-American friendship.


In December 2023, President Biden and President Macron celebrated the friendship between our two countries during the toast opening the state dinner, for 2 centuries, “our two nations have been sisters in their defense of freedom” . This friendship was sealed by a Treaty of Versailles, which gave birth to the United States of America in 1783. It is time to remember: we are above all allies, partners and friends.


A tech partnership to build, together


The 21st century is well underway, the world is transforming and so are the balance of power. Faced with these movements, it is key to return to shared values, the basis of our relationship. Faced with the current debates in France, which are spreading across Europe under its leadership, 2024 is a key moment to remind everyone that, if we do not agree on everything, all the time, we are not enemies. This also concerns tech and cyberspace.


The 80th anniversary of the landings is a cornerstone on which we must build the next 80 years of peace and prosperity for our two countries.

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Villa Le Cercle

1 Rue le Marois

14800 Deauville


06 86 51 56 96

Event's time

Wednesday 14th

9:00 - 17:00

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