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Join the First
PCS  unplugged
live from Kyiv

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Hyatt Regency Kyiv

(5, Ally Tarasovoi St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001)


"Increasing our
 European resilience
 from the unique  
Ukrainian experience"

Why the first PCS

unplugged in Kyiv ?

After 20 month of active war, Ukrainians have a unique experience of the cyberspace. From intelligence to cyberattacks, the IT Army, SSSCIP, SBU, ... but also citizens made a amazing work in order to fight for real in the virtual world.

As European and partners, it is a priceless experience to benefit from and bring our part in terms of skills, tools and vision is the last we can do to support and to build business and cooperations under the digital unique market.

Since my visit in Feb 2023 with CyberTaskForce, I decided to come back with the Community of Trust composed of Europeans to build our common future rooted on our vision, seated with trades.

Join us !



PCS Unplugged Registrations
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