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the decision makers' European summit


June 4th & 5th, 2024

Maison de la Chimie, Paris.

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Why partner with Paris cyber summit ?
1.decision makers panels

Embody your brand with your expertise

2.High level networking

Position your business under a corporate & institutional approach

3.g-to-B / G-to-G / B-to-B

Participate in creating conditions for Trust, thanks to Chatham House

We are connecting people in the best conditions

for high quality contacts, with time.


What is Paris Cyber Summit?

Strategic autonomy, digital sovereignty, technological sovereignty, whatever we call it, the challenge is the same for all Members states : how to maintain the EU as a strong power in this new world ?

That means, of course, drafting a European way in the cyberspace but also strengthen our relations based on our common values.

A European summit to discuss, both formally and off-the-record, how to build trust in cyberpace, with partners and allies as well as with those we may disagree with, 


That is the essence of Paris Cyber Summit.